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Indian Head Massage 30 mins £20 or 1 Hour with Hot Stones £30
A relaxing head massage using champissage. A non intrusive massage of head, neck, shoulders, upper arms and face. Indian Head Massage helps to relieve tension, pains in the neck and shoulders - especially if working with computers all day long.
Reduces stress, balances the chakras. Relieves sinus pain, congestion and headaches.
This is a very calming though uplifting treatment.

Back Bliss Massage 30 mins £20 or 1 Hour £30
Feeling out of sorts but can't pinpoint the cause? Need some quality time out, but find it hard to make the time? The Back Bliss Chakra balancing massage could be the answer!
This 30 minute ultimately relaxing back, neck and shoulder massage aims to release stagnant energy, re-balance your inner reserves, and revitalise your well-being. Focusing on the main Chakra 'wheels' pf energy located along the spine, The Back Bliss massage soothes away tensions while allowing you to reclaim a natural equilibrium.
Gentle yet therapeutic - a combination of traditional massage techniques coupled with energy balancing makes Back Bliss massage a deeply effective experience, allowing you to feel centred, relaxed and invigorated.

Aromatherapy Massage 30 mins £20 or 1 Hour £30
The ancient art of Aromatherapy combines the use of essential oils with luxurious massage. Each oil has its own healing properties. The subtle aroma affects the mind body and spirit. 
A gentle massage which encourages the elimination of toxins from the system. Improves muscle tone, induces relaxation, assists in maintaining good health and reducing stress, thus encouraging the bodies own healing abilities.

Full Body 1 Hour £30
Back & Legs 30 Mins £20.00
Back, neck and shoulders 30 Mins £20.00
Face/sinus drain 30 Mins £20.00

Hot Stones Massage
Hot Stones Massage is a treatment using basalt stones which are renowned for their heat and cold retention properties making them the perfect choice for stone therapy.
Hot Stones is a complete and holistic treatment, as it works on all levels of being. Physically the metabolism and the circulation is stimulated. An increase in elimination, and a boost to the immune system.
The benefit is a deeper massage with the hot stones penetrating into the muscles and joints, stimulating the blood and lymph. During your treatment you will quickly reach a state of complete relaxation, and this allows balance and healing to take place.
You will be asked to undress down to underwear. You will be covered by a towel, and then a light skin brushing is carried out before the massage.

90 Mins Full body £40
60 Mins Half body £30
60 Mins Back Aromatherapy Massage £30
30 Mins Back £30

Daoyin Tao®
Daoyin Tao® is a powerful synergy of softened and adapted Chinese and stylised Western massage techniques, harmoniously blended to create a widely applicable therapy. Created by Anna-Louise Haigh, I learned from her and now practise this wonderful therapy.
Daoyin Tao® is a totally holistic therapy. It is ideal for:

Pain & Discomfort
Emotional & Energy Balancing

To receive a treatment you will be asked to make your neck and shoulders accessible. Necklaces, earring and hair accessories need to be removed. You will lie on your back, covered with a towel/blanket, with your head supported. The contact will be with your shoulders, neck, face, ears and hair/scalp. A very small amount of oil is used.
I will then use slow, gentle, flowing techniques combined with specific work on a variety of carefully selected points on the scalp, face, neck and shoulders to create a deep sense of relaxation and to release trapped energy and emotions. Daoyin Tao is a truly wonderful experience. Ideal for sinusitus, migraine, and also effective in helping many conditions of mind and body.

Daoyin Tao Facial, Neck and shoulders 40 Mins £25.00
Daoyin Tao & Hopi Ear Candling 1 Hour £35

Chinese Foot Reflexology
Chinese Foot Reflexology Therapy – works on specific reflex points on the feet. This enables the release of trapped and stagnant energy, thus allowing the body to begin the process of healing itself from within, often at the deepest levels. 
Foot reflexology therapy works in much the same way as conventional reflexology but with the added bonus of concentrating on specific ailments, eg: hormonal imbalances such as menopause, pmt, sinus congestion and many other ailments.
You lie fully clothed on the treatment bed, with your feet exposed at the end. You will then receive your treatment.

Chinese Foot Reflexology 30 mins £20
Chinese Foot Reflexology 1 Hour £30

Hopi Ear Candling (Thermal Auricular Therapy) 
Ear candling is an ancient natu­ral therapy which has been used by Shamans and healers in may cultures throughout Asia, South and North America.
This ancient therapy consists of hollow flax tubes which are impregnated with honey, beeswax, sage and chamomile. One ear is treated at a time. The candle is lit and placed into the ear, the head and the vibration creates a vacuum, and suction like movement. This massages the inner ear, easing congestion.
Some of the conditions which may be alleviated by having an ear candling session are: compacted ear wax, rhinitis, nasal congestion, sinusitus. This is also a wonderful treatment to receive before flying as it eases pressure on ears and nasal passages - for anyone who suffers from painful ears when landing.
The treatment includes a head and facial massage.

Hopi Ear Candling & Head and Face Massage 1 Hour £30
Hopi Ear Candling & Daoyin Tao combined 1 Hour £35