Chakra Balancing

A chakra is an energy centre of your body. Each Chakra has a different vibrational level, and is a different colour.  Sometimes the energy can become blocked.

This can be evident in your day to day life. If you are having trouble communicating, your throat chakra might not be vibrating at the highest level. If you have been feeling drained or tired, then perhaps your root chakra is not clear.

I will work with your chakras to see the current energy levels. I will then let you know my findings and a representation of these on a coloured chart. I will then work with your chakras to encourage the highest balance for your energy centres.

This is a powerful therapy with great results. Once your chakras are balanced and your energy is flowing at an optimum rate, you will feel refreshed, relaxed and your general wellbeing will be restored.

1 Hour Treatment £30

1 Hour Treatment with Tarot Cards £40
I combine my balancing techniques with the addition of using tarot cards (which you pick) and together we will discuss what I am sensing in your energies now, and I will also advise you by interpreting what's there in your chakras, and your cards.

Recent client feedback:

"I was feeling pretty low and detached, and fairly frazzled with my life. I visited Jean and asked her specifically how she could help me. She knew straight away that I needed my energies balanced. Jean worked her magic on me (and I was amazed that she knew exactly what was going on with me right now, and told me what I needed to hear to get past this time). Honestly, I got up from the bed feeling so much clearer and better. Amazing. Great night's sleep too"