Angelic Reiki

Angelic Reiki

This is a wonderful treatment which enhances a Usui Reiki treatment as it draws on the healing and harmonising potential from the Angelic Realms.

The Angelic Reiki System is a vehicle which helps to raise consciousness and any thought form not in tune with the Divine vibration becomes transmuted to a higher vibration, relieving any non-harmonious physical and emotional conditions.

The Reiki practitioner is a host to a very special energy which is guided and participated in by the Angels and the energy of the Angelic kingdom is passed to the patient. It is a very gentle yet powerful energy which can be used to heal and transform your life.

I am an Angelic Reiki Master Teacher, therefore if you feel guided to learn this healing modality, please feel free to ask me when the next training session is.

1 Hour Treatment £30